A Touch Of The Butterfly

A Touch of the Butterfly is foremost created to provide high quality trainings in awareness and self-realization and to offer support on the way of becoming the True Master of one’s life.

Trainings and workshops are given by the founder of A Touch of the Butterfly, Diana Milerman, Pampa Mesayok (healer in ancient wisdom of Inca Medicina) and a paranormal healer. As a Chava (Mother of All the Living, A Breath of Life), Paqo – Mama Diana Nusta Paqo –, Diana is available for group and private ceremonies and healings.

My name is Diana Milerman. I was born in January 1978 in Tallinn, Estonia in the family of a doctor and a nurse. I grew up in a household of passionate and dedicated healers. Both of my parents, in the mist of the Soviet era, turned to the unorthodox methods to find answers for the patients in their care. My mother also comes from a lineage of healers. Most of our foremothers were village healers, midwifes, etc. Our roots come from Siberian shamanism.

With the coming of Christianity a lot of the old wisdom got lost. Only when I moved to the Netherlands and got in contact with doctors here, I understood that what my parents and many of their colleagues practised was not regular medicine, but a synthesis of old and new.

You can say that it’s in my DNA. But it took me lots of years of learning and practising of different ways and traditions of healing – and most of all searches within myself – to be fully committed to the tradition I currently practise. I am passionate about further learning and deeply honored to be the apprentice of Don Alejandro Apaza Machacca in the  ways of Inca Medicine.

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